Are we worth celebrating???


With the festive season on the doors. We are all ready to celebrate and deliberately waiting for the Diwali and Christmas and New Year. Ready to shop, ready to spend and ready to Enjoy. BUT…

But a big BUT dont you think we have all forgotten the real sense of the festivals, the ethics, the values and the trueness behind those festival. All those values that play a very big roles in out lives. Nowadays its all about money, money and money. The sellers are trying to make the maximum use of the season and make sales better than ever before and people since they think they are getting better offer they go on and spend everything they have and then wait for the next year for the things that they cant have this time. People waiting for the best movies to be released during this time of the year. But I really doubt how many of us are seriously waiting for these festivals for those originalities that used to exist may be around 5 years ago. I myself feel we dont celebrate the festivals in the true sense. I dont understand what has happened to people.

Diwali for us used to be a festival to enjoy and to celebrate the return of our epic ethical hero Shree Ram but these days no body is worried about if he is back or not or if he exist or not. People think he was back long ago and cant be lost but they forget the very intention to celebrate these festivals was to reincarnate Him every year in the heart and life of each and every individual. The very aim of Dusherra for me used to be to find out the weakness or the evils within me and then promise that I will fight against them. But I find myself so weak, so feeble that I miss my RAMA inside, Maybe I miss the strength to fight for truth, for the right. I cannot face myself.

I request you people to awake and be ready to face and lets try to reincarnate Shree Ram this festive season in each and everyones of our heart and life. Ready to fight for truth and the right and to be able to take decision and then follow them till the end. Be rigid on value and flexible in behavior. Lets mark the beginning of a new Start This Diwali.



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