Attitude makes the Difference.

As they say it depends on your attitude i.e. the way that you look at things that matters. If you look at things in a negative way its bad and if you think in a positive way that good. I too stand in the same group of people that agree with that. Here is an excellent story to narrate that.

Long ago there was one village where people lived happily. Everything normal. One day a big monster came to their place and started destroying everything. People started running here and there. They thought they had no option as the monster was too big for them to handle. So they never tried. Monster left, they started building again started being normal but after a few months the monster came back. Again the same. This happened quite a few times. Once there was a visitor to their village and during his visit the monster came back. All started running away. The visitor had a different attitude. He asked villagers,

“Why are  you not fighting him back.”

Villager, “How are we supposed to fight back?”.

Visitor, “You can at least throw stones at him, he will get hurt and go away”.

Villager, “Dont you think he is too big to hit”.

Visitor, “I dont know about too big to hit, but surely he is too big to miss”.

And then they started fighting him back and finally they killed him.

You see that is what we call attitude. This was my version of great story that I read in  “You can win”.

I am sure you people will like it.

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