We are often afraid of making decisions just for the sake that we will be held responsible if something wrong happens. And hence the people who dont take decisions are never responsible for anything good or bad. All those famous personalities that you may consider as great or at higher stature have taken decisions in their lives that took them there. Had they be like normal not able to handle the outcomes of the decisions, you wouldn’t have known them. It was their ability to take decisions and take the responsibility of the outcomes that took them where they are now.

I believe in three points.

  • All your decisions must be taken by you.
  • Decisions must be FINAL
  • You must be happy with your decisions No regretting.

All decisions must be taken by you

You should take your decisions not somebody else deciding what you should do and what not to do. I say that because no one can understand how you go through something and hence cant take a decision for you. You can discuss the scenario, you can share the points but the decision must be yours not influenced by somebody saying you should do this or that. It must be your decision properly understanding what you are going to and clearly knowing that its your decisions and what the consequences may be.

Decisions must be FINAL

Be clear about your decisions don’t be fragile in case of your decisions. Be firm with whatever decisions you make.  Dont change your decisions every minute. That harms your TRV (The Reputation Value 🙂). People often takes your decisions for granted, they know that you can change anytime. So if you are not firm with your decisions no one will ever take you seriously with anything. This doesnt mean that you cant change your decisions once taken. That would be bad. You need to understand when to do change your decision.  As someone has said

“I would rather change my way and succeed rather than going on my way and fail”

So it depends but still the change in decisions must be minimum.

You must be happy with your Decisions

Be content with whatever decisions you make. After all you have made the decision and you must be happy with whatever the outcome may be good or bad. Never think the other way like “Had I done that it would have been better.” You should be happy that you had the courage to take a decision.  You should be ready to take the responsibility of the outcomes. Maybe initially you will feel like you dont know anything about taking decisions but my friends experience can make you learn anything. So gradually you will be able to take better decisions and you would never regret them and once you reach that point. You will be happy that you read this post :).

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  1. no doubt that view is bit hard to apply,,but once you learn to apply nothing else is left harder in life !!!!!!!! this is wt i personally think [;)]

  2. no doubt that view is bit hard to apply,,but once you learn to apply nothing else is left harder in life !!!!!!!! this is wt i personally think [;)]

  3. Sounds Good!!!!

    Take ur own Decisions.
    But everyone can’t follow, BCOZ if u love someone ur all decisions, prayers, blessings consider 2 them n sometimes U don’t have another options…………….

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