Are you HAPPY???


What is Happiness?

In Dictionary it says: State of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

That’s an old concept now. Nowadays happiness is much different from something coming from within. Its something very relative now and depends on so many parameters around us. It used to be something like if someone near you is happy, one used to feel a sense of happiness within himself but nowadays its like they are more jealous than happy.


There are two ways for happiness

1.You get happy

2. Be happy.

First one depends on so many parameters like people around you doing/behaving how you want them to do or something in your favor, which you cant control for sure.

Being happy is something you choose and can be controlled by you. You yourself decide that you are happy and let the things happen, you anyway never have control over them. Behave as if that is the way you want things to be. But dont compromise your growth over it…..



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