Better be Over Confident than Diffident.

It has been said that its bad to be over confident. I dont agree with that. Confidence is something that is always good and if there is a little extra it can always help. But again it depends on how you use it. But for me over confidence is far much better than having no confidence at all.

Why?? Why do I think so?

Here is why I think so. I have seen people do nothing because they do not have the confidence to do anything. Also I have seen people getting into some task that is beyond their ability and failing just because of over confidence. But for me those failures are much better than doing nothing. At least they tried something and they have some experience, may be a bad experience but still experience is experience good or bad. It always counts. So you see its like getting started because of over confidence and once you get started you see many options but for those who dont have confidence there is never a morning for them. Its all dark and hazy. They dont know what can be done, what should be done. But for people who have confidence surely they are better. For people who are over confident they at least try because of the extra confidence. So here is how I rate people based on there confidence.

1. Confident- They know what they are doing and how things are to be done.

2. Over Confident – They get into work without knowing how it will be done.

3. No confidence – They never start. They are still.

So according to me its better to be over confident that being a diffident. As said by a great thinker (I dont know the name though)

“Even if you are on the right track, You need to move forward to get to the destination.”

Do you agree?????


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  1. well it’s your own view,
    comparision between overconfidence and diffident is not meaningful. you can say confidence is better way then overconfidence.
    but agian it is your own personal view…

  2. wat ambani says……
    peaple only do r8 things …but i do all things in r8 way, so wat u say dis according 2 ur paramter is dis ic Confi.. or Overconfi.

  3. Over confidence is nothing but confidence the different is people call it over-confidence when you fail and confidence when you succeed. Everybody who dares is confident.

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