Bird and the Monkey

Hi Guys,

I am back with another story,  story of two friends a bird and a monkey.

In a Jungle somewhere there lived two friends a monkey and a bird. They were not close to each other but yet they were friends. Monkey as usual was always jumping here and there on trees and enjoying his life while bird spent a lot of time building her nest. Bird wasted a lot of time suggesting the monkey to build some for him for bad times. But monkey not a hair of his ear was moved by this. The bird used to tell him everyday and the days passed by.

After a few months the rainy season came. The bird was safe in her nest. But monkey was getting drenched outside. The bird came out and said to monkey, “I always said to you to get something for you.” Monkey was already feeling bad for himself and these words set him on fire. He climbed up and destroyed her nest. The poor bird had no option but to see her nest getting thrashed.

Moral of the story: ???????????????????????????

Lets discuss it. The moral that was given to us when we read that story some where in our primary schooling was

“Dont suggest anything to fools.”

Moral in current sense.

First:” Never suggest anything to anyone if he is not listening to you”.

Second: “Check he is a fool or not”.

Third:  “Check if he is more powerful than you or not”.

One more, I think the last and important one. “Never suggest anyone anything when he knows his mistake or rather if he is helpless”.

So just be happy with yourself and don’t bother about others unless you know exactly who you are bothering with, otherwise you will feel like the poor bird and I am sure many of us have already felt that.

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  1. hello !! m quiet agreed with your morals,specially the last one, but i m not completely agreed. as u say “Never suggest anything to anyone if he is not listening to you”,,but if we stick ourself to this quote so what about the sayings that say,,,,there are friends who take you to the right track when u r distracted?????
    if everyone starts thinking like this then whenevr we are on the wrong path we will never be aware of that and consider it as the correct one,then who will direct us???

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