A professor met his students after a long time in a reunion at his residence. All of them were complaining about the how stressed the life has become and how good were the old days. Professor was surprised by their attitude as all of them were are really good positions out there. However professor asked them to wait for the coffee and went in to prepare COFFEE for them.

He came back with a bunch of cool mugs and put them on the table with the coffee and asked them to serve for themselves. As the students were serving for themselves they tried to take the best mug the can and were looking at what others were using and they were pretty distracted assuming the others had the better one. When they finished the Coffee, professor asked them how was the coffee. They all said it was amazing. Professor then asked them why were they so disappointed when the other one had a better cup?? They all didnt understand the question.

Professor Explained: “You wanted the coffee and it would have tasted you the same irrespective of the cup/mug you chose. Still instead of enjoying the coffee you people were more worried about what mug should we choose and what mug did the other one chose. Same is the case with your life. Instead on concentrating on the CoFFEE you are more concerned about the mug” I hope people will get the Moral and I would love to have comments on this one as to what did they get from the article.


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  1. Respected Sir,
    i read this article “Coffee of life” its also gives an understanding of seeing life in more simpler way, thank you for this article. After a long time i visited your blog. May i will visit it soon.

    Thank You.

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