Dharma Sankata : When you to choose between two conflicting Right decisions

The Dillema


Have you ever been in a “Dharma Sankata” ??

No? Are you sure? Did you notice that there are aspects of life that you didn’t even notice.  Here is a story.

There was a king somewhere in some part of the world. He was very kind always wanted to take care of his people, animals everything in his kingdom. One day a deer came to him asking for help.

“Majesty, can you please help me to save my life?”

king:”Yes, I am the king I will save your life who is behind your life”?

Deer: “Majesty, this Lion in the Jungle wants to eat me. Please save my life”.

King then calls the Lion and orders not to eat the deer. Lion ask for help then. “Majesty, I will obey your orders can you please tell me what to eat then, because I will have to kill somebody to survive”

King: “Go and Eat some other deer but not this one”.

Lion: “What just is that majesty, why should I kill someone else and not this deer”.

King: “Okay fine, Then eat me but not this deer.”

Lion: “Majesty, you will be able to feed me for one day, I will have to hunt that deer after that”.


Now Here is the story, What can the king do. He cannot save the deer and kill someone else. He cannot make the deer live even if he sacrifice his life. If he saves deer, Lion will die of hunger. If he saves Lion someone else need to die. In any case his decision will be bad for someone. So what should one do in such a problem. I dont have a solution.

Just want to know what you people think should be the case.

Waiting for comments 🙂 🙂


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  1. Well I would let the lion kill deer, because if that is there in the destiny of the deer, it will happen the other day, so why we should play with the destiny, just let happen whats is going to be happened…..

  2. In my opinion sometimes we have to let the things as they are rather then mug up with them to reach at a win-win situation.if i would be the king i let the deer to protect himself from the loin. because Either u have to be that much stronger so that u can survive or be a medium to let others survive.

  3. There is no “Dharma Sankata” everything is depends on you, what you think about that situation.If I were king, then I kept my promise from the first to deer any way :):)

  4. In this situation, just think for others. Because to get rid of this situation you have to choose the one and that should be best overall. In the curent case, if the king sacrifice himself for deer, then what’s the surety that Lion will never kill that deer and who will take care of kingdom. In my views, the king allows Lion to eat deer.

  5. Simple message from the above story: apne kaam se kaam rakho…… nhi to aise hi uljhe reh jaoge………………………

  6. Hai ,

    I think the lion can choose any other deer other than this…Because it seeks refuge with king.
    As we seek refuge in god ,god helps us to save our life.
    Frankly speaking not all deers will seek refuge..

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