Do you Believe in EQUALITY??


What would do if you have to destroy any one of the two possibilities the stronger one or the weaker one???? Do you believe in equality or just brag about it when you are not treated like one??? Here is a story think and decide what you would have done in this case.

There was a couple in a village. They were going on a journey somewhere. The lady was discussing about how poor are being treated these days and rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer. Man had nothing to say so he kept on listening to whatever was being said by her. She kept on like this should not happen blah blah blah. After some time they stopped at a point decided to rest before going forward. The man said that we will prepare food here so please arrange some bricks. There was something cooking in the mind of the man. He pointed at a distance and said I can see some brick stoves there can you please bring a few bricks from there while I prepare for it. The woman went there and saw two brick Stoves(Chulha) there. One was  very well prepared and the other one was almost destroyed. She took a couple of bricks from the second one and came back and gave them to the man. Man asked her why did she take the bricks from the other stove and not from the first one.  She said the first one was in a good condition and the second was really in a bad form, so I thought its better to destroy this one rather than the first one which is already good. And Hence man finally had something to say. So this is how people are being treated poor are being thought that they are already in bad state to better destroy them 🙂


What you would have done? I am sure most of us would have done the same thing as the woman but I hope people get what I want to say. I invite comments on this.




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