Dont Be Predictable!!!!!!

What do you think when I mean to say “Don’t be Predictable”?

What I meant by saying it was, never let anyone predict your actions before you yourself want to disclose them. No one should predict what are you up to and what you are going to do.

Now question arises that, why do I say like that or what’s wrong in being predictable??

So answer as per my experience says; “As you already know we are in a competitive world where every one tries to be on top of the other, without bothering who the other person is. So, in this throat cutting edge if someone predicts your mental movements before getting implemented or converted into actions, they will adjust their actions accordingly to move a step ahead of you as they already know what you are up to. They will always have a plus point over you”.

To make myself clearer, let’s take an example: Suppose you are in one-to-one fight with some one in the ring. You are too good. But being good is of no worth if the opponent is already aware of your plus points and all the would-be-delivering punches and hits, because before you are ready with a strong punch he is ready with a stronger defense and return hit. Oops!!! Someone being less good than you is over you, just because he had predicted you.

That was a game, but same is with life. If others can predict you they will be over you for sure. “Game lost once gives you another chance to win, but life never gives you another chance.”

Be careful!!!

There is a difference between being predictable and Being Known. Your people will be knowing you what you can do and what not but there is different between predicting and knowing. So be careful there is a very thin line between the two.

Will be discussing more in the next post about the opposite in next post. About predicting and dominating others  .

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