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Had a great chance to be in a meeting with the upcoming entrepreneurs at Sarovar Portico, Indore. Got to chance to listen to a few good speakers and got a lot to learn about the industry and all.  A nice story that came through which I am sharing. And Would like to know what do you get from the story.

There was a man who had two parrots. He went to market to sell them both. A man came to his shop asked the price for the first parrot. He said 5k only. The man was surprised and asked whats so special about the parrot that you are selling it for 5k. The seller replied. “Sir it speaks 7 languages. “.

Buyer, “Oh, wow then its okay and whats the price for the other parrot?”

Seller, “10k sir”

Buyer, “Now, whats so special about the second parrot that its even priced higher than the first one?”

Seller, “Even I dont know sir but this first parrots call it SIR so must be something”


Thats the end of the story. So what do you think. Was the second parrot worth it or what do you infer from the story.


Please share your views.


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  1. Rahul really you are doing very good job. I want to learn from you. Whenever i would have time i’ll read your articles.

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