Golden Rule for Happiness – Be Content!!!

I have heard from a lot of people that are not happy (I am not saying they are sad, I am saying they are not happy) just because they look to few people who are better than them in spite of looking at the great count that lies below them. They never know that they are better than many others, but they keep looking at those who are above them ignoring the great count that is in conditions worst than them. Had they ever thought once about the people below them? If yes! Then surely they would be happier with the position they are in.
At little trouble people start believing in “nothing is left, it’s an END” but what I want to say them is “at what you believe an END, it may be just a BEND”, there is often a smooth long run after a bend.
Considering an example let’s take two people in a hot afternoon, one walking with a sweat streak on forehead and other one running in an AC car. This situation doesn’t mean that the one in car have nothing to worry off or cry and the one walking on road is terrible enough that he can’t have any reason to be happy or even to smile.
So just try to be content with what you have and try to enjoy the life at the fullest. Believe me once you understand that it depends on your view about anything, you can always make yourself happy in any situation. Being richer or always better than others doesn’t add beauty to the life.  Instead life is always loving and beautiful in any sense with small happy moments, small achievements, without the parameters of money, mind or name.
Other side of the coin says- If you are content and completely gratified with what you have, you will never aspire for more and hence you will be at a static point in your life. So, in order to progress you have to look at other above you which motivate yourself for being better. Formula to proceed ahead is Draw your line bigger than others, in spite of rubbing the line of others in order to make it smaller than yours.”
So your life should be a balance of both you should look for a better life but must enjoy the present one with all its assets.
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