I just love when She becomes Non – Vegetarian


“It’s hilarious isn’t it” – she giggled with her most innocent face, the way she laughs on herself, makes her cutest Barbie on earth.

After all, who chuckles that way, when you get butter glued on your hair, but that’s her, different but mad totally mad.

If I would have closer to her, I might have pushed her to the washroom for a hair wash, but what all I can do on this video chat.

She got the most innocent face, I have ever seen but as it said everything is mortal in this world, So was her innocence for me, at least for me……

That very yuck moment has now become an aromatic memory of mine.

Today I can see that innocence taken over by hatred for me, at least for me.

Whaaaaaaaat you both still see each other?

Crazy nuts, it’s impossible now, but there are few people whose emotion you can understand without seeing each other, without even talking.

Silence is the most powerful communication, which I witnessed with her.

Whaaaaaaaaat you both still talk with each other?

Ohh gosh! Why you always forget, we are in age of social media, where gestures of human are replaced by their way of responding to a message or chat. Last seen option might have broken thousand of hearts every day, where a yearning lover looks at IM (Instant Messenger) window every now and then of his lover.

But I love this technology, you know why because every morning when she becomes non-vegetarian, I mean a red dot symbol beside her name of FB, I come to know she woke up, Around 1 pm in noon that symbol disappear and I get to know her office CAB, might have arrived and she hop into that with her phone call with him, after all she loves to talk in CAB (vaise bhi room mein network kahan aata hai J). She would keep reminding the driver to keep the volume low.

Late in the midnight, After 12:40, It was in my mind that she will be in her cab, her dad call might have came to know, to ensure that she reaches home safe. While imagining that I keep waiting for her to become Non Vegetarian…………………………………………………………………

Written by Sandesh Sharma

Sandesh loves writing about movies, books and brands. He is an entrepreneur with interest of cycling, travelling and blogging.

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