India Unbound– A must Read Book for Entrepreneurs

INDIA UNBOUND is the book written by Mr. Gurcharan Das. As the punchline “From Independence to global information age” suggest it is the book on Indian economy though it explains every possible related economy of the world. Not only economy it describes Indian history, cultures, markets, traditions and custom of India. Mr. Das try to relate Indian economy with every possible spheres of life which makes his work more worth to read. Relating each and every post independence incident to one’s personal life, writer just try to visualize the events.
The book not only talk about economic reform which India faced after independence but also illustrate about Mughal, British and great Indian business families like Tata and Birla’s, how they emerge as industrialist in a socialist country like India. With reference to various assertion and affirmation numerous economists, psychologists and historians (rather say scholars), Mr. Das tries to highlight behavior of Indians and there by pointing out the difference between old industrialist and young entrepreneur of India. Though book lacks chronology, overall it is consummate analysis of Indian economy with personal experience and memoirs, from early civilized era to modern service economy.

Written by Sandesh Sharma

Sandesh loves writing about movies, books and brands. He is an entrepreneur with interest of cycling, travelling and blogging.

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