Is Brand Sachin diluted?


Recently we read news that the chief selector of Indian Cricket team viz. Sandeep Patil, met with Little Maste

r Sachin Tendulkar regarding his retirement from International test cricket format.

Though the Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) denied reports that chief selector, Sandeep Patil has told Sachin to consider his future after playing his 200th Test during the two-match series against the West Indies in November.

We do not know actual truth about the news, but this entire grape vine do bought in notice, dilution of Biggest Brand of cricket history and “God of Cricket” – Sir Sachin Tendulkar.

Though Sachin is highly endorsed celebrity for brand manager, right from shoes to watches. If we believe on various Internet sources, we can figure out total income of Sachin the year 2012-13 is $22 Billion out of which $18 Billion, he acquired through endorsement only. On Forbes rich list, Sachin ranked 51th Highest Paid athlete in World.

Being top of his game from last 24 years, Sachin became household name for cricket. He cashes out his success of game very efficiently, recent figures says Sachin endorsed approx. 17 major brands, to name a few- Adidas, Coca Cola, Aviva, ITC, Toshiba etc. Through this endorsement Tendulkar reportedly make 1.5 crores INR per day.

But this is the current scenario, where all effort of his game in last 3 decades paying off well to him. But recently we heard in news that various brands, who all are targeting youths in their campaigns, will not endorse Sachin Tendulkar anymore. Already a major list of brands stopped continuing further endorsement with Sachin, to name a few- Airtel, TVS, MRF, Britannia, Visa, Phillips etc. While those brands Sachin with which he is earning well, have signed him long back. It is apparently visible in advertising fraternity that no brands have signed him after his landmark of “century of centuries”.

Is this end of charisma of ‘Little Master’? To quote various marketing pundits of Indian Advertising Industries, the veteran falls in two groups. One of them, who all believe that No one enjoys same position for forever, In case of Sachin also it happens the same. While others believe that, yes there will be dilution in brand Sachin, but that will be restricted to youth targeting campaigns. According to Brand Managers of various agencies, Sachin still have lots of charisma and stardom. May be there will be shift from youth focusing brands to more sincere and responsibility oriented brands. Now people will want to see him endorsing, family products, reflecting his own personality or something which would metaphor of trust such as banking products.

No matter what is to be there in future, but as die hard Sachin’s fan, I seriously want to him to hail as God cricket in all span of his life. Though no one can even touch what Sachin has created but the way he carried out himself in his entire career, we are assured that magic of him, will keep on diffusing.

Written by Sandesh Sharma

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