Its all about the Journey Not the Destination


This is an story from a movie which I saw recently quite motivating may be it will be helpful to you all.

Once a teacher asked his student, “Do you want to learn something very different, a totally new experience”?

Student was excited, yes sir he said. He thought he is going to witness something very interesting, something totally different.

Teacher said, “What I will show you tomorrow will change your aspect of looking at life or at anything whatever you do, but the issue is you will have to get up early morning tomorrow and come with me”.

Student was very happy to hear that, it didnt take him a second to say yes. He was ready to wake up early and follow his teacher.

So the teacher asked him to come by hillside early morning before the Sunrise.

The student couldn’t sleep whole night as he was excited as to what it is, that he is going to see. He woke up early morning and arrived where the teacher had asked him to be. Teacher was out there already. He asked the student to follow him and he started to mount the hill.   And they continued till the very top. It took them 5 hours to reach to the very top of the hill and the student was all the way very excited and anxious as what is it that he will see at the very top or what will the teacher teach him that will change his perspective towards life. When they reached there the student asked the teacher very happily. I think we are there now. Can you please tell me what is it?


Teacher smiled and pointed towards a ordinary stone and said this is the thing and suddenly the students facial expressions changed from being very happy/excited he started feeling bad. He felt sat. He started shouting at teacher, “This is it !!! I have been climbing this hill just to see this small stone, nothing else. I didnt even sleep last night. I thought I was going to see something very special, something that will change my perception something that will change the way of doing things, but I was 6 hours following you and at the end what I see is this stone. What the hell. Do you know how excited I was, how happy I was during the whole time, I didnt sleep even in excitement and you say this is it

Teacher smiled and said, “This is it. This is what I want to teach you. You were happy for last 24 hours because you were going to see something. You were excited all the way through when we climbed the hill, you were happy and didnt feel tired for a second, and at the end when you reached the destination you are not happy why is it. You enjoyed the way, you enjoyed the journey and that is what life is meant for. Enjoy it through, don’t count on it what you have at the end but how you went through. Or even a particular task you do, enjoy it as if it will do miracle for you and soon you will see them happening for you. If you do it that way you will never be exhausted with whatever you do, you will always enjoy”

Student Got his Answer and I hope you too…..



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