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Hi guys!! I heard an old saying “UMR KE SAATH-SAATH TAJURBA BHI BADHTA HAI”, mean to say your experiences increase as you grow older. But today is the time when world is running fast enough that you have to run off your feet to match the rhythm, and if in this time you keep waiting for growing age to be experienced, then by the moment  you will feel experienced you will also feel that lots of opportunities  you had left behind. We “the youths” need to go forward without wasting the knocking opportunities as well as the time, so need something that teaches us more than our age. Here there is an initiative from my end to expose the experiences that I learned during my passing by struggles and feel to share with you all. I would be pleasured if find you too to share something that can help me as well everyone who surf the site. After all, success, (either in personal life or in professional life) is not something Isolated, but it’s the accumulation of your past lessons that help you to win.
Isolated efforts make you to win BATTLE, but let’s come together and learn enough that we can win the WAR.

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