KNOW your LIMITS – Dont Waste yourself


Many of us dont use ourselves to our fullest potential. We perform far below what we can do just because we don’t know our limits.

Do you know your limits? What should one do to know his own limits??

By limits I mean knowing your strengths what you can do and what not. Most of us underestimate ourselves in this highly competitive world. We even dont know what is under our limits. We are just the replica of what people think what we can do and what not. Like if they say we can do something or not. But have you ever thought how can others tell about you about something which even you yourself dont know.

So the QUESTION is How To Know Your Limits?? Answer is pretty simple and realistic. Make some unachievable goals and see how further you can push yourself and you will know. And if you achieve the goal that means you didnt set the proper target and you are not up to your limits yet. Choose a TARGET further and go for it with your full potential. Soon you will know your limits.

Here is a story

There were to frog Tin and Tom. They used to hop a lot. Once they decided to try something new with their jump. Tin made a target for 10 Feet and tried. Wow, he got their in his first try. He was happy like hell. Then it was Tom’s chance he went and made a target of 20 Feet.  Everybody knew that this was beyond the limits. He tried first time he went to 12 Feet. He tried a few more times and at most he reached 13.5 Feet. All the frogs were laughing that this frog has made joke of himself.   But Tom knew within himself that he has found his limits. He can jump till 13.5 Feet. Tin may have achieved his target but he still didnt knew his limits as of whats the maximum he can jump. So Tom may have lost on this particular occasion but for the coming time in his life he will be able to utilize himself fully and he knows his limits now.


What are your limits? What is the most difficult target  have you set for yourself ever??

Think over it and share if possible. 🙂

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