Love v/s Anger

A man was polishing his new car. His 6 year old son picked up a stone and scratched lines on the side of the car. In anger, the man took the child’s hand and hit it so many times not realizing that he was using a wrench. At hospital, child lost his fingers due to multiple fractures.

When the child saw his father with painful eyes he asked “DAD when will my fingers grow back?”. Man was speechless and very much disappointed. He went back to the car and kicked it hard. Devastate by his own actions, sitting in front of that car, he looked at scratches. Child had written “LOVE you DAD”. The next day that  man committed suicide!!

Anger and Love has no limits, choose love to have beautiful and lovely life.

Hazrat Ali said:

“Things are to be used and people are to be loved”.

But the problem is created, when people are used and things are loved.

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  1. Rahul:I am totally agered with you. I just want to add one more point in favour of your argument. During interview once candidature should not be judged by the college from where he/she passed out. I’ve seen lot of talented guys who are far better than the average pool. In my opinion following two points are really vital1. Performance Based Selection2. True 360 degree appraisal

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