Nice Story


Once there was a man who use to teach wrestling. One day a boy came up to him ask him to teach wrestling, but the problem was that the boy only had one arm, his other arm was cutted. First the trainer denied, but after being convinced by the boy the trainer agreed to train him.

The trainer trained the boy with only one skill of wrestling. After completing training and rigorous practice the  boy participated in a wrestling championship

The boy with one hand surprised everyone by winning one-by-one all the matches and finally becoming the champion.

When the boy returned to his trainer after winning, he asked to his trainer that, although I m having only one arm, then too how could I manage to be champion with only a single skill with me and with only hand…?

The trainer first denied to tell the reason, but after watching stubborn behavior of his student he replied that the you manage to win the game because the skill which I taught you can only be fail by your opponent  in the fighting in ring if and only if you had other arm with you.

The boy was surprised to hear his weakness of being a single handed had been changed to his strength by his trainer.

Moral of the story:- Always trust the one who is above you….that person is there to guide and help you win…..


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