Powerful Story about Henry Ford

I have heard this story about Henry Ford.  I don’t know if its true or not but its definitely inspiring.

As we all know Henry Ford is Millionaire.  He used to come to office in very simple clothes(Average). All of his employees were surprised to see that their employer who has lots and lots of money is coming to office dressed so simple. One day his secretory asked him. “Sir, You have enough money to buy all the clothes in this world yet you are so simple dressed.” Henry Ford gave a smile and replied, “Dear, Everyone knows here I am Henry Ford. Why should I be worried about showing people that I am Henry Ford by wearing lavish clothes”. Secretory got her answer.

After a few months Henry Ford was about to go on a world tour. He went to different place but the dressing was still the same. Then one day again the secretory asked her the same question, “Sir, I don’t think many people know you here, so you should change your dressing sense.”. Henry Ford again gave a smile and replied, “Why should I be bothered about dressing for people who doesn’t even know that I am Henry Ford.” Secretory got her answer again.

What MORAL did you get from this story. I would love to have them as comments. What did you learn from the story. Looking for your comments.


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  1. Well all i can say………………..that………………..henry ford do not bother about , what others are saying about him…………

    also the author who wrote this in dilemma, that what is the moral ,,,,,,,,,,,as the story have many moral …………so asked our valuable comments for the suggestions

  2. wt i learn is—— “Duniya ki to fikar kaha thi,,kapdo ki ab chinta ghat gyi” [;)],,,,, the prsn should bother about the acts not the looks.

  3. Sorry for late reply but my answer is:

    “It’s not the clothes that make you look fabulous. It’s you that make the clothes look fabulous.”

    I think this, I don’t know What Henry ford thinks.!!

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