Quarters — Are we Ready???


Finally India ended up with Second position in Group B. The team which was considered as a strong contender for the cup was found struggling to reach the final Eight. This is India. They will always give you the unexpected.

Pakistan a team which was considered to be the underdogs finally break Australia’s winning Streak  and topped the Group A. England is a team which has made the cricket even more exciting playing each of the six league matches as if they want to feel the high tension and pressure and they cant do without it. I am looking forward to see them play Srilanka and how they make a match of it. Srilanka has come out to be a strong team specially because of their bowling strength. On the other hand India was considered a strong team based on the batting legends in their batting line up who were supposed to take advantage of the local conditions but they seems to be in a race to sit in the pavilion. Thanks the the Legendary Sachin and Yuvraj that our hopes are still alive, but now we are against the team who has lost only one match in 4 world cups and I dont Indians can win the bowling performances they have shown so far. They really need something special to beat the teams now on, if they clear up Australia they most probably will face Pakistan and that would be almost as prestigious as Final for both the teams and if the clear Pakistan they will either face South-africa who hasnt had luck in the worldcups so far or Srilanka who is pretty strong keeping their bowling in mind. Indian team really need to think seriously about their options before going in on Thursday.

Wishing them a good luck. Go India Go…..

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