Stop Think Act


While communicating with people in all walks of lives, we come across various situations where communication comes to a standstill because either party gets into the mode of reacting.

Reaction is Acting First, then Stopping and then Thinking what was thought and said. (ACT – STOP – THINK).

Reactions are abrupt actions or expression of thoughts in reply to someone’s words or actions. When one reacts, he closes all the channels of communication and the entire system of communication gets shut. Mind gets cluttered with negative thoughts and presumptions. It fails to be receptive. Reaction does not take one anywhere. The party reacting becomes out of reach and difficult to communicate with. This disrupts not just the communication, but also the situation and has a negative impact on the relationship of both the parties.

Response is a well thought of and meaningful communication through words or actions. You are in control of the communication and you choose the way it flows further. Stopping and Thinking of an appropriate
Response and then taking Action towards it. (STOP – THINK – ACT).

Reaction and Response can also make a great impact on our Relationship with others.

So let’s learn to respond instead of reacting. Here are a few tips of learning how to respond:

  • Be Patient and Listen.
  • Do not be in a hurry to answer any question asked.
  • Take your time, Stop, Think and Act and if you are not sure, buy time, by saying “This is important for both of us give me some time before I respond to this”
  • Listen, comprehend and then respond.
  • Empathize, Put yourself in the other person’s shoes and feel what the other person is feeling.
  • Do not Judge spontaneously about the right or the wrong.
  • Whenever people react, they expose themselves.
  • While you are on the receiving end of someone’s reaction, just stay patient. Let the other person’s steam out.
  • If the other person is over reacting, give that person a benefit of doubt. Think that he has gone through a turbulent time and you are the first one to meet him after that turbulence, and treat him well.
  • When you don’t know what to say or respond, do not. Keep Silent. Stop, Think & Act.

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