Sufferings – – Do they really EXIST???


Do you people think that Sufferings Exist?? Read on about an interesting story and attitude.

Recently I heard a interview of a guy who got selected in IAS(Indian Administrative Services) The biggest exam in India to get selected for Govt. services. He said there was a time that their family didnt had the home. So her mother had to leave to her maternal home. And he and his father both built the house. There was a time when they didnt had the money for his studies, his father sold his land for his studies. He wasnt succesful in his first attempt. The his father said him that he will even sell his kidney for him to continue his studies. Great Attitude.

The interviewer asked the father, “Didnt it come in your mind that if you will sell your land for him what will you do”?

He said, “I only had one thought in mind this land is going to be his anyhow either today I sell it for him or it will be his land after I die as he is the only son and all my property after my death will be his. So I thought why wait till my death why not have him use the land for him while I am alive.”

Then Interview asked the guy, “How do you see those sufferings that you had in your life?”.

He answered, “First of all I dont see them as Sufferings, that was just STRUGGLE for me. There is nothing called sufferings  until you cannot recover it. Suffering is something like you loose someone because of death or casualty and you cannot recover the loss. But if you can work hard and recover I dont see it as suffering thats STRUGGLE and time for hard work. ”

What an attitude. There is nothing called sufferings or bad times, whenever you feel like you are going through that period in your life think of him and decide to work hard and struggle against it and move it away, overcome it and I am sure soon you will be saying that there is nothing called Suffering.

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  1. I know this is a real story, after seeing its video i felt the real difference between “struggle” and “sorrow” .

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