The Power of Three!!!!!

What are the three most important things for a task to be completed.  Any Idea??

Let me help you out. For me there are three important things to complete any task in this world or rather universe.


You need to know what is to be done.


You need to have the skill to complete that work.

3) Last but not the Least ACTION:Take action - Start your work

Even for most of our tasks/works we have the above two requirements knowledge and skill but we lack the third and the most important requirement that is ACTION. You need to start/initiate for any work to be completed.  Because no work can be complete if you dont start it. As someone has said rightly said.

“Even if you are on the right track, you need to move forward to reach to your destination”.

So whenever you want something done please do have a look at the three requirements. Because if any one of them is missing I fear the task wont be complete ever. So just try to do it.

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