Thieves check each others’ pockets to find the thief..

This article emphasizes on all singles who are ready to mingle. Here, I have shown youngsters as thieves who are at the stage of life to find a life partner. And they all are finding other thieves as life partners. To check each others’ pockets means to look at each others’ past.
Many friends of mine see girls for marriage and ask questions. We all know what they mainly try to figure out through questions. Everybody tries to check others that whether those were in a relationship or not. In this era, very less people are there who don’t have a love story and this stage of everyone’s life has made others think of each others’ past. It isn’t wrong if you try to check spouse’s past but it’s totally inappropriate if you reject him/her just because he/she was in a relationship. It should be understood that he/she had relation just like you had with other but now thing should be clear before marriage that you both should be committed to each other from now onwards. You are not supposed to reject anyone just because he/she had past. Those who were in a relationship and checking spouses’ past is like demanding clean things on their dirty hands. It cannot be possible. It has become a core behavior of youngsters that they want a partner who should not be having any past relationship even if they had. In today’s fast life, relationships are becoming less perishable because those were rooted immaturely. Youngsters are getting settled in their life after being in two or more than two relationships; this has become today’s scenario. They generally fail to find the right life partner in their first relationship. And this kind of culture is set up so firmly in youngsters’ lives that now it is the hardest thing to abolish. But it can be directed in a right manner that’s what I am trying to do here.
If you had crush on someone or you were in a relationship then you must accept someone else with his/her past. Don’t be thieves who check everyone’s pockets to find the thief. Positively, it becomes similarity between both partners that they both were in a relationship with different persons but have experience of being in a relationship.
Experienced lover says to his/her partner, “No matter what was your past, we’ll live together to create history…”


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