Think – Prioritize – ACT

You cant do everything in life neither can you make everyone happy.This is a fact and we all live with.

There is so much to do in any given day that it is often difficult, if not impossible, to keep priorities front and center. Given the hectic pace of an ordinary day it’s not always easy, or possible, to achieve the goals that inch you closer and closer to fulfilling your heart’s desire – your dreams, your goals. The ‘In Box’ and the flood of responsibilities (work, family, friends, and so on) often become the priority.  Some days you just have to recognize that you must set your priorities – your dream, resolution, goal – aside because of the crush of other responsibilities.

“Always THINK before you ACT.” You must have heard this, but what I would say is that you must always prioritize your acts before acting on them. You need to think and decide what is to be done before what. Or you need to understand the importance of the task and order them accordingly into your actions.  May be you will feel that it would be better to do the easier and quicker one’s first but then you are surely going to miss the important ones. Think of it like you have a limited amount of money. Surely you cant buy everything of it but what you would do is choose the most important ones first and then see if money is still remaining you can go for other things, if you do it the other way, that is spending money on the less important things you will be left with no money for the important ones. Its the same with your life and time you have, you need to prioritize.

So Think  –> Prioritize –> ACT.

Always keep your priorities straight.

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