Unnayan – Vote Of Thanks By Rahul Awasare



I am very happy with the success of the “UNNAYAN-THE EMERGENCE”. So I will like to thanks to each and every person, the entire team member’s of the team “TechInfini”. Thanks to each and every one because it’s all of you behind the success of the programme. As both MD’s already stated that it’s not the company for us it’s like our family our dream for which we all are working in co-ordinated manner. So I am very grateful to each and every person who helped us to make this event so successful and so grand because without your co operation we are not able to make it so successful.

Thank you to Vivek for helping in each and every part from deciding menu to cake to other market work, thanks to Murtuza to solve our problem of hosting the programme and help in all other sort of work from gifts to games and other ones. Thanks to Hariom for many works which he did in superb manner for the function but it’s much better if he would be part of party. Thanks to Sapan for such good poem and helping us with coming forward in each and every work. Thanks to Rachna for the melodious song with Himanshu, Thanks to both i.e. Rachna and Poonam for making so wonderful crafts, packing of gifts, gift buying & all other works regarding decoration, special thanks to Poonam for conducting games, and all people enjoy those fully, thanks to Shubham & Rajesh for their sizzling dance performance & all other works. A special thanks to Shubham for arranging Samai & creating all those PPT’s. Thanks to Chandresh for helping out in each and every part. Thanks to Jaytesh for performing twice with guitar in superb manner.

Thanks to Tikendra for the rocking performance  with guitar and start of programme with a superb welcome speech , thanks to Rahul for the  good not the best “end or thanks speech “ and thanks  a lot to both Rahul And Tikendra for supporting &  motivating  each and everyone so that each and everyone will give out his/her best.

Now last but not least thanks to that gal who send us the prime mono of our event which we just hang in the background & at last thanks a lot to Gautam who is involved in each & every sort of work & without whose crucial help we are not able to do many works in right manner. At last thanks to all those person’s due to whom today we are able to conduct this function either those are working right now with us or those who were worked with us in the past and also those all people whom are not working with us but they are providing constant support and help in whichever manner they are able to give in our favour.

So we have just accomplished a task in a good manner but it’s not the zenith for us there is something big & large which is waiting for us which we are going to achieve only due to you. It’s all of you due to which we are able to get so memorable memories of function. So thank you very much to all of you for your sincere efforts and your participation.

Rahul Awasare

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