What matters : External brands or internal spirit ????????

hiii friends,

here m back with a new post which is basically for my colleagues who are underestimated by their average results or institute and feel themselves undervalued/ lacking for running in fast pace between high scorers or top institution scholars.

Someone very successful (Bill Gates) had greatly said:

I studied everything in my institute but never topped, but today the TOPPERS of BEST INSTITUTES are MY EMPLOYEES

So guys, what i want to say is up til yet must be clear to you, that what matters is your internally driven force to lead ahead not the tag showing you a BRAND INSTITUTE SCHOLAR or ON PAPER HIGHEST SCORER.

No doubt that having these tags makes many things easier to you or force you to run efficiently in the race, but enthusiasm with your own deficiency consideration can make you WINNER OF THE RACE.

This is all what Bill Gates say, coz he has reached the top, but here I feel myself free to give some add-ons. ‘After reading such quotes we too feel energetic and start looking ourselves standing at the same place giving similar cracking quotes, but here we should not forget that we are not only the one having such spark inside. You might be a strong contender but you are not the only contender so, at least and until you reach the top

keep yourself soft, down to earth and full of gratitude towards the others. Your one mistake may pull you long back and here you are not left even with the chance to regret. Keep remember the line differentiating between confidence and overconfidence. For example:

Confidence: Yes I can do it n I will do it.

Overconfidence: I m the only one who can do it.

N yah never take people around you FOR GRANTED……………………….

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  1. ya thts nice……worth reading…..it motivate the ppl who actully need motivation….and favour those who working in that direction…

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