Whats your inspiration


There were two brother. One of them was really bad, drunk all day, doing all the bad jobs, beating her wife and children on the whole living a really miserable life. The other one was just opposite was on a good job, very happy with his family. Hard worker enjoyed the life to the fullest.

One day a man went to the first brother and asked him, “Why are you like this? Whats your source of inspiration?”.
The Man replied, “My father, I got all this from my father, this is how we used to live and this is what my father did and I am just a image of him. I am doing what I saw my whole life. This isnt my mistake if its anybody to blame go blame my father.”

Then the man went to the other brother and asked him, “What is source of inspiration?”
He replid,”My father. We led a very bad life while we were kids and I saw my dad drinking and beating my mother and the life was really miserable. That inspired me. I promised to myself, my family wont be living a life like that and I worked hard to get out of that mess.”

So you see the source of inspiration for both of them was their father. But one took it positively and the other one other way. It depends on your perception and sense about how and what you take from a particular thing. You can even get inspired by a bad thing. Just depends on your attitude.

Just get up and look around and get inspired; positively of course. 🙂

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  1. MY inspiration is

    Dhiru Bhai Ambani, Ratan Tata, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Rahul Gandhi… NO not at all.

    when a 4 year child tries to take care of his/her 2 year sibling.
    When a girl travels alone around the world,
    When a lame person tells me dat if my leg gets fine I would like to race with you.
    When a father sacrifices for their children.
    When a mother says i m stuffed
    When a brother says It was given by parents to me for you.
    When a hotel chef gets selected for public prosecutor.
    My Lyf is my Inspiration and I guess everyone has one.!

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